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Aboutwater as a company was founded in order to facilitate access to water and provide a solution to any problem related to it. We soon chose to specialize in the field of water processing, because the quality of drinking water directly affects our health.

Our goal is to satisfy your needs and desires for the home of your dreams! In our online store you will find everything you need to renew your daily life! For some, it is just water. For us, it is Life.

Our life, your life.

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Water filters

We are here to help you get clean, safe water of high quality. Whether it is the tap, the shower, the washing machine or the softener, we have a great variety to choose whatever suits your needs. You know what you need, we know how to get it.

Bathroom renovation

Do you want to transform your bathroom?

Whether you are thinking of partial renovation or total renovation, we have the ideal products to create, renovate or repair your bathroom! Discover them on the Bathroom tab.
Receive an offer immediately for bathroom renovation if you are in the area of Thessaloniki



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Call us: 2310744744

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