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Particleboard furniture with PVC

Modern handles and mechanisms Soft Close

Column with plastic basket

Mirror with concealer or

Mirror with 2 cabinets

Hanging bath column or floor

Charges at Initial Prices:

Add the appropriate amount if you choose a cryptocurrency or column or both:

Hidden box: + 20 €

Column Hanging: + 100 €

Floor Column: + 180 €



Width 60/70/80/90 or 100 cm

Height 65 cm

Depth 45 cm

Mirror: 45/60/75/85 or 100 cm width X 70 cm height X 16 cm depth

Pillar hanging: 25 cm width X 140 cm height X 20 cm depth

Floor column: 35 cm width X 185 cm height X 34 cm depth

The Fountain is not included in the price


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