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Filter case Oxygon Big Blue 20 "x 4.5" Input 1...

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Possibility of installation in Thessaloniki by our specialized technician.

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Suitable for water filters or for reverse osmosis system or for softening system

It is placed in the central supply.

It has the ability to be combined with more filter cases giving a complete water treatment system of 2,3,4 etc stages.

It has a sealing ring.

Accepts polypropylene, activated carbon and other 20 ”x4.5” filters on the market.

It is suitable in cases where the height of the installation is sufficient (height of the filter case 0.5m).

Oxygon Cartridge Filters Φ63 / 13,72m2 103.08.04

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     Compact and light
      UV resistant container
     Heavy-duty lid that allows easy cleaning and replacement of the filter
     Screw vent valve for easy venting of trapped air
     High quality oil pressure gauge for easy control of operating pressure
     Suitable for swimming pools and SPA
     Maximum operating pressure 2.5bar
     Maximum temperature 40 C

Replacement filter Oxygon in-line Alkaline...

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Replacement water filter for osmosis devices.

Improves the smell and taste of water and increases the pH.

It is non-toxic and perfectly suitable for drinking water.

Enhances water with desirable minerals: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, etc. which reverse osmosis removes.