5 tips for ideal temperature with air conditioning

5 tips for ideal temperature with air conditioning

We have gathered 5 simple but very effective tips !!

 1. Blinds high!

By adjusting the blinds higher in the summer we achieve a better result. Surely you have heard that the heat goes high, so when we put the blinds high they cool the hottest air, after all the cold will reach low anyway;

 2. Sun outside

Prevention is better than cure! If we do not let the heat in, we will not have to "expel" it!

We take care to leave the sun outside, in any way we can! In as many rooms as we can, we close shutters, where there are awnings, we lower them. In hot weather or very hot hours and when the air conditioner is off, it is wise to close the balcony doors, so that the heat does not enter.

 3. Combinations

We can use a fan at the same time as the air conditioner, so that the cold air in the house is distributed more smoothly and faster.

 4. Do not forget!

We turn off the air conditioning when we leave the house or the area that is air conditioned and we set it to turn off before we go to sleep !!

 5. Comparison

It is known that we adjust the thermostat to the temperature we want for our space and not lower because it makes absolutely no sense. But which temperature is ideal?

In summer we set it 6-10 degrees lower than the outside temperature. No more because it is neither healthy for us nor suitable for the air conditioner.

In any case, we should feel comfortable and not cold.

. Criterion, the one who warms up the most in the house. . .

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