Tap market guide

Tap market guide

Read what steps you need to take to make a purchase worthwhile.

Online Guide

Can you understand the quality of a tap you buy online ??

Yes! With the secrets that we will reveal, it is possible!


If there is one thing that determines the quality of a faucet, it is the construction material.

The title or description must say 100% copper or copper.

Beware of "fountain" type titles that do not explicitly state that they are 100% copper or copper.

But will we believe that the tap is made of copper or copper simply because that is what an online store claims ?? No!!

We follow the next 2 steps to confirm that the statement "100% copper or copper" is true.


Although not all retailers set prices in the same way, you can certainly question the quality of a faucet that has an extremely low price. Copper is an expensive material and faucets made of 100% copper have a similar price.


We ensure that we can trust the online store and especially the merchant behind it. After all, this is what we do in online shopping. We trust someone we do not know personally. It must be worthy of our trust!

PS We did not talk about brands and brands because it is not an absolute guide. Especially in the taps, there are excellent imports of products, from companies that most people may not know. High quality taps of a brand that we may ignore prove to be just as good, even better than some branded taps.

Guide in shop

Learn how to beat a salesperson!

Have you seen a faucet or are you thinking of changing it and entering a store? How do you make the best choice?

Let's look at the steps one by one:


You need to determine the weight of the tap. Because the taps are usually placed so that we can see them well, we will need to ask the seller to bring us, if possible, the tap we liked and to hold it in our hands. A good tap must be heavy.


In the second step you will need to look at it carefully to see how shiny it is. If it is not matte, a good faucet should resemble a mirror. Be shiny and not dull at all.


In the third step, you will press your finger on the tap. In a good tap the fingerprint disappears quickly. If you press your finger and the mark stays there, you do not need a second thought! Look for another tap.


At this point you need to find out what is going on inside the tap, in the mechanism. Many manufacturers use a mixture of materials for the mechanism and not pure copper, which significantly reduces the quality of the tap. How do you know what is going on? Try using the tap. Turn the handle right, left, up, down. If the movements are easy and you do not find much resistance it is a good example.

⚠ Attention! We do not ask for zero resistance, that is, you should not feel in the movements that the tap "leaves", just move smoothly.

After these steps, you can face any seller and make the best faucet purchase for your home or office !!

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